Before you Arrive

You will receive a 'Reservation Reminder' email from us approximately 1 week prior to your reservation. This email has links to our orientation video and our Rental Agreement. Please take time to review both the video and the agreement as this will help expedite the pick-up of your VW. Fill out the hi-lighted areas of the agreement, print it out and bring it with you. Please let us know what time to expect your arrival... we don't keep regular biz hours and we want to be able to greet you upon your arrival, so be sure to let us know! Also, bring a copy of your insurance documents, we will need a copy, and a copy needs to travel with you in your VW (this doesn't apply to travelers from across the pond). Bring your valid drivers license and remember that if there are going to be 2 drivers they both need to be present upon collection of the VW.

Airport Shuttles

If your flight arrives at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) you will need to take a shuttle from the airport to our location in Costa Mesa. We recommend 3 shuttle companies, Prime Time, Super Shuttle or Shuttle2LAX. Shuttles can be reserved in advance, or you can walk out to the curb at the airport and find a Super Shuttle or Prime Time attendant (red cap or blue cap) and tell them you need a ride to Orange County. Super Shuttle and Prime Time Shuttles are either private or shared rides. If you prefer a private ride then a reservation will need to be made. Private rides are less cost effective, but faster. You will need to reserve a shuttle at least 8 hours in advance for returns to LAX. The shuttle company will let you know what time they will arrive to pick you up; this depends on flight information that is requested by the shuttle company. We are 45 miles south of LAX and it can take 2 hours to arrive at our location.

Prime Time Shuttle

Super Shuttle


If your flight arrives at SNA (Santa Ana John Wayne Airport) we are a 10 minute taxi cab ride away. Taxi cabs are standing by at airport.

Our address is 760 Newton Way, Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

Another popular way our visitors come and go is via UBER or LYFT. Their respective apps need to be downloaded to your SmartPhone and an account established before using this mode of transport.

Hotel Recommendations

Many of our travelers choose to stay the first night or last night of their vacation at a hotel that is near our location. Here are a few that we recommend...

If you prefer to spend your arrival or departure eve nearer LAX we recommend...

Here are a few hotels that our guests have supplemented their VW experience with...

Camping Guide

The following links will assist in booking your campsites

California State Parks

National Park System

Campsite Photos

Moon Outdoor California Camping Guide


These links will help you plan your vacation itinerary in sunny Southern California

Discover California

California Destination Planner

LA Times Travel California

Insider Info

'Cambria Loves Me, This I know' Coupon Book

This coupon book features 10 coupons from Cambria and 10 coupons from Morro Bay (23 miles south of Cambria on the PCH). The coupons range from 20% off a pint of beer, to 1 paddleboard rental free with the purchase of another. Includes a coupon for $5 off a night at the Bridge Street Inn (BSI).  There is a coupon for every type of campervan adventurer who is ready to experience Cambria and the surrounding area!

The BSI is campervan friendly, meaning travelers can sleep in their vans and use the BSI at a discounted price.  At the Bridge Street Inn, a guest can enjoy the hot showers, internet, full kitchen, and their van bed.  A person can simply park their van at the BSI, and walk to the library, farmers market, coffee shops, health food store, restaurants, beach, hiking trails, and drinking establishments.

Surfing Guide

Killer Surf Links


Climate Conditions

Western USA

Weather in Costa Mesa