Vintage Surfari Wagons offers nostalgic VW campervans for rent/hire from our Los Angeles area location. Our Volkswagen fleet is stocked with 1970's, 80's, 90's, and 2000 era campers that are loaded with handy camping equipment and all da'kine goodies to get you on the road Brah! Each and every camper has it's own unique personality and most have re-vamped interiors apart from a few stock interiors that remain in excellent condition. Reconnect with the great outdoors in iconic VW style... All you need to do is pack your clothes, shop for some grub and get out there.


We at Vintage Surfari Wagons are native Southern Californians, we have local knowledge and we're dedicated to helping you experience the most unique vacation of your lifetime. Our goal is to give you a big taste what makes our corner of the world so unique.

In addition to private VW rentals Vintage Surfari Wagons offers group camping tours where we guide you to those unpublished magical spots in our California playground.

If you need to, we can do you a "one way" rental, Los Angeles to San Francisco, or the other way 'round, under some circumstances. Sorry, but at this time we do not have a San Francisco location for Bay Area only rentals. (See our RATES or POLICIES pages for more info.)

Use the QUOTE + BOOK button to discover VW availability, obtain instant quotes or book your journey now. We can't wait to hear from you!

The Crew at Vintage Surfari Wagons

Lemme tell 'yah little story...

Ever since the VW Westfalia camper was born in 1950 at Wiedenbrück, this unlikely son of a factory tractor has been tickling countless adventurers imaginations. So easy to jump in and go, traveling slow and friendly, this “Westy” like a seasoned navigator seems to ask, “Where can we go next? Tomorrow? Next month? Let's go! Right now!”

Compact and sorta yacht like, but exceptionally livable for up to four peeps, the Westfalia set-up envelops like your own custom tailored cocoon, moving over terrain as intrepidly as the curious snail traversing over an English garden. Yo! Everything's already here... to cook, eat, sleep, drive, and relax. A supremely simple form of self-sufficiency is ours in these coved confines. The going is safe, we are secure, we need little more. Sweet, stolid Teutonic nature of our humble Bus!

This old Bus propels ahead at a pace of it’s own liking, and we soon sense something else. We are becoming one with this soulful old machine! As the vast framed landscapes stream out of the big bay window towards us, we set our course together, the roads gliding seamlessly past, as they flow under us, spiriting us to many marvelous planet scapes still up ahead. And tomorrow, we'll entertain a fresh new day’s greeting just outside the big sliding side door. Go custom pick your view.

Somehow a VW Bus journey seems to always lead to the oddest adventure (or two!), no matter how studiously planned (or not) your expedition may seem to be (surprisingly, in spite of well laid plans, actually). Be ready for something enchanting, wholly unpredictable, you travelers in a VW Bus. Magic carpet rides anyone?

It’s also kinda strange, but you’ll find all these new old friends… ones you likely have never met… oddly posted along the route, appealing and familiar, having their own “bus” story, helping out, sharing a campfire, encouraging you on. You might possibly meet them in the most unexpectedly wild, and far-flung junctions. Notice how they never come early, and they never show up late.

So watch for these signs! Watch for big grins and waves (maybe a "Shaka"and a "Peace" sign or two) upon your arrival just about anywhere. These folks are not worried about your status (or lack there-of), your apparel, your accent, or your age! This bus, and your present joy, that's the only entrée required to engage the lighthearted souls that you WILL meet along the way. Oh! yes, and you will.

Doing it up right, voyaging this special way, we promise you’ll never regret you went. Go in your own easy going VW Camper Bus, your faithful friend, like “Old Paint” if you will, just doing and being, and you’ll never be the same. And you’ll never forget this trip; ask anyone who’s done it!

Mahalo, and see you on the road SOON!