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'Catch a Wave' Gurls Surf Camp


Friday Eve - Sunday Afternoon

So, we've booked a few camp sites close to San Onofre and will stock them with VW buses, basically accommodation for up to 16 peeps, but kinda close quarters unless you're family and used to bunking together. Each bus can accommodate 2 peeps in the lower berth and 2 above. Book the bus for yourself, or gather your sistahs, young-un's, kissing cousins, friends - whomever, and share the experience! Just remember... this is a girl power weekend, so no brudah's allowed!

We will be meeting at VSW Headquarters in Costa Mesa on Friday afternoon and heading down to San Onofre for a weekend of surfing, sunning, and smore-zing around the campfire. This adventure is for those that want to learn to surf, but are kinda scared or the opportunity never presented itself. We will have two surf instructors that will gently lead you through the moves, Jill and John, both native Californians that grew up surfing here on our local beaches.

All you need to do is gather your BFFs and book to reserve a spot in the line up. Show up at VSW HQ on Friday afternoon and we will take care of the rest!

In case you're wondering... the water temps in early October should be just dandy with as long as you're sportin' a wetsuit.

We are super excited for this trip!

Diane, Jill & John

• One person in a bus: $599.
• Two people in a bus: $499. each
• Three to four people in a bus: $399. each
(taxes not included)

Deposit to hold your reservation: 50%
Balance to be paid one week prior to departure

• Beginner Surf Lessons
• Accommodation in a Vintage Volkswagen
• All Meals + Campfire Goodies
• Shuttle to and from Campground from VSW HQ
• Shuttle to and from Beach Daily

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'Catch a Wave' Gurls Surf Camp 2019
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