All drivers must possess a drivers license valid for the entire rental period and a major credit card. Minimum driving age is 25. Only drivers listed on the rental agreement are allowed to drive. All drivers and their drivers’s licenses must be present at time of vehicle pick up. Two drivers maximum.


Authorized drivers are responsible for all damage caused to others and need to provide their own auto liability, collision, under-insured and uninsured policies, and comprehensive insurance covering themselves and us as a third-party beneficiary, passengers, and the vehicle in the minimum amount required by state law. Our own insurance policies shall be secondary.

All Renters who cannot provide their own auto insurance must purchase insurance from our partner Outdoorsy. This auto insurance coverage provides for comprehensive and collision up to $250,000. with a deductible of up to $1500. and California State minimum in liability. Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) of up to $1 million dollars is available as an optional purchase. This insurance is purchased via our online booking system.

Insurance provided by credit card companies is not valid as they do not cover vintage camper van rentals.


If you are involved in a collision call us as soon as you are safe so we can assist you. Locate the accident report form in your VW's glove box and collect the pertinent information. See that a police report is made if there is an injury or if damages are expected to exceed $500.00.


Our Bay Window Campers are available for local road trips only. Joshua Tree and Palm Springs to the East (in cooler months only), San Diego to the South and Santa Barbara to the North. Please plan your trip accordingly - 100 miles per day is allotted for these vintage babies.

If a breakdown occurs due to travel into the following restricted RED ZONE areas the renter's trip will end without reimbursement for rental days lost and the renter will be responsible for towing, repair of damages incurred, and in addition, their security deposit will be forfeited.


Wrath of the Grapevine
...brutal uphill climb can mean sudden death for cars and inconvenience for drivers.


Do not drive on unimproved roads or unpaved surfaces (apart from licensed campgrounds) such as trails, tracks, sand, beaches and the like.

Care & Feeding of the VDub

DRIVING THE VINTAGE VW We prefer you have some familiarity of the VW Bus's unique driving characteristics. Remember, you will be driving a vehicle developed in the 1930's, and built with all the technical sophistication of the 1970's. Plus... no air conditioning, no driving upon unpaved surfaces, except at licensed public campgrounds, no automatic shift, no power anything!

Bearing this in mind, please do not exceed 65 mph (105 kph) in your VW. If it is very hot outside, (over 95f) or if you are climbing a long or steep grade, please reduce speed and select the proper gear. Keep the engine revving, as the engine fan is what cools the beast. These engines are not water cooled, so when the outside temperature heats up so do the pistons, and they've been known to melt rather quickly.

Be aware that cross winds effect the VW bus more than they do a conventional vehicle, so drive accordingly if it's windy.

Remember, due to the extreme cab-forward design of the bus, almost the entire vehicle is trailing along behind you. When making tight turns, pull out just a little further ahead than you might think so as to clear the back wheels (and bodywork) from other cars and curbs. Notice how a city bus seems to pull too far out in an intersection before turning the corner. It's like that.

Always purchase "PREMIUM" grade fuel (91 octane). Check engine oil level after every re-fueling. Topping off oil is provided. Should you need to purchase any fluids other than gasoline, provide us with a receipt and we will reimburse you.

MECHANICAL PROBLEMS Our vehicles are fully serviced and cared for. Mechanicals are continually checked, renewed, and maintained by our in-house VW technicians, so problems are not common. However, they do sometimes occur and we want to be clear about our policies prior to booking.

Should you have a problem en-route, we are the first call you should make after making sure you are in a safe place. Hopefully the problem can be sorted and you will be on your way without too much inconvenience. There is an extensive network of VW mechanics throughout our region so we should be able to get you aid no matter how remote the location. Many times a simple fix is all that is required and you are back on your way.

Once the renter confirms a booking, they’re taken through the roadside assistance add-on process where they can opt in or out of Roadside Assistance. If purchased, a membership ID is generated within 24 hours of the reservation and emailed to the renter. We require every renter to carry a premium (more than a 5 mile tow) roadside assistance package whether it be their own or the one offered through our booking system. If you need to be towed to a VW mechanic we will cover any parts, or labor needed to get you back on the road. We will not cover any time lost, though we may refund a day's rental fee if the fix takes more than 12 hours.

If the problem is more serious, we have two choices:

1. We will get you to the nearest safe location where you can relax, and if another of our vehicles is available we will deliver the van and swap vehicles for you in the shortest possible time. The replacement vehicle may or may not be exactly the same as the one you started with. If you prefer to rent another vehicle locally, we will refund the balance of the rental period. We are not responsible for any accommodation expenses.

2. If you do not want to swap vehicles, a replacement is not available, or it would require an excessive amount of time, we will assist you in getting to where you may arrange alternate transport, and wish you a safe onward journey. We will either refund any monies we've collected for the outstanding rental period, or offer a credit for an equivalent rental period at a future date of your choosing.

We want our policy to be fair and we ask you to consider before you book that this is a possibility. But if it happens, kick back and chill out. We have every confidence we can sort things out.

If you have any difficulties report these immediately to Vintage Surfari Wagons INC. If you incur any minor repair bills we will give you a refund (up to $50). Just produce your receipt at the completion of your hire. Retrospective claims or any unauthorized claims above this limit cannot be recognized. If you have an accident (or breakdown) you are responsible for your accommodation expenses. Vintage Surfari Wagons INC liability extends to either replacing your vehicle with a similar one or refunding your rental fees for any of the days the total use of the vehicle is lost.

If you experience a breakdown due to lack of exercising ordinary care while in possession of the vehicle then your trip will end without reimbursement for rental days lost and the primary driver will be responsible for towing, repair of damages incurred, and in addition, their security deposit will be forfeited. (Ordinary care includes maintaining all fluid levels, i.e., fuel and oil; proper gear selection; not overheating the engine; not driving more than the recommended 100 or 120 miles per day (depending on the VW rented); not coasting in neutral; and the like - PLEASE INQUIRE IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND.)

More Light Reading

A deposit of $250 U.S.D. is required to secure a booking.
The balance of rental fees are due upon pick-up of the vehicle.
A $500 U.S.D. security deposit is required on a major credit card.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason.

AIRPORT SHUTTLES We are centrally located in Southern California. Our Orange County base is about one hour from Los Angeles (LAX) and San Diego (SAN) International airports, and approximately 10 minutes away from Santa Ana John Wayne (SNA) airport. Shuttle reservations can be made via Super Shuttle and Prime Time Shuttle. Taxi cabs are standing by at Santa Ana John Wayne (SNA) airport. In addition a ride can be hired via Uber or Lyft.

ONE WAY HIRES For journeys starting or ending in San Francisco add the additional fees:
• for rentals 14 days or longer $550
• for rentals 7 - 13 days $750
• for rentals 1 - 6 days $950

SUBSTITUTION If for any reason beyond our control the reserved vehicle cannot be supplied on pick-up, a substitute will be offered. Should a substitute not be available our liability is limited to a full refund of monies received by Vintage Surfari Wagons, INC. All rights are reserved to refuse any hire under any circumstance. No refunds are payable under the following circumstances: Vintage Surfari Wagons, INC accommodating you; specific buses not being available; where a client or passenger amends, cancels, or seeks to vary agreement after departure.

SECURITY DEPOSITS Security deposits are held subject to the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement. For example, when you return the vehicle your deposit is returned in full if: The vehicle is acceptably clean and there is no damage to the vehicle (including windscreen damage), or damage/loss to it's contents, or any third party property damage; there is no evidence of off-road use; there is no evidence of Travel or Road Restriction use violations; there is no evidence of an unauthorized pet; there is no other violation of any other restriction imposed on the hire, either expressed or implied.

CANCELLATIONS There is a non-refundable administration fee of $50 for bookings that are cancelled. If reservations are cancelled 30 to 8 days prior to pick-up there is a $250 cancellation fee. 7 days prior to pick-up there is a $250 or 50% of rental charge (which ever is greater) fee. There is a 100% of rental charge cancellation fee on "no shows". Vans are cleared for rehire after 1 day if you "no show". 

HIRE PERIOD Days of hire are the number of 24 hour periods, or portions thereof that you have the van. Late returns will be charged $50.00 past the first hour, after which a full day will be charged after 2 hours past the 'zero' hour of your rental. If you pick up your Vintage Surfari Wagon at 9am on the first day of your rental, then it is due back at 9am on the last day of your rental.

PETS Pets are welcome with prior approval. A $100 per pet per rental fee is required. We ask that pets are under 45 lbs (maximum 2). Evidence of a pet within the vehicle will forfeit your damage deposit.

SMOKING Our vans are smoke-free zones. Please smoke outside the vehicle only. Evidence of smoking within the vehicle will forfeit your damage deposit.

FUEL The fuel tank will be full on pickup and has to be returned full. Always re-fill with "PREMIUM" grade (91 octane) fuel. Drop-off refueling will be charged against your security deposit at a rate of $5/gallon. Propane is provided with your hire. If you must re-fill the propane tank, we will reimburse you if you present us with a receipt.

TRAFFIC/CAMPSITE INFRINGEMENTS We reserve the right to charge the renter for any speeding or parking fines, traffic infringements, road toll fines or unpaid camping fees/fines. An additional administration fee of up to $75 per fine will apply to cover the costs of processing.

WINDSCREEN & TIRE DAMAGE Windscreen damage is the responsibility of the renter / driver. Make sure to note prior damage. Damage to tires and the cost of puncture repairs is the responsibility of the renter.

CLEANING We like to provide our clients with a clean and tidy vacation ride. We like to have it come back to us in a similar condition. If we determine that there is an excessive amount of clean-up required to ready your rented vehicle for the next guest, we will make a deduction from your security deposit commensurate with the labor and materials needed to do that.

PLEASE NOTE Vintage Surfari Wagons, INC reserves the right to alter rates and terms without notice. The company takes no responsibility for any detention, delay, loss, damage or injury that a client might experience no matter how it is caused or by whom.