Damien & Magali :: France

Dear Bill,
Throughout a life time one meets a lot of people. The people you are close to, the people you work with, the people you see everyday and with whom you never speak. There are the people you might even hate at some point. That makes a lot of people. Maybe if you have time to spare you can count them? That’s an idea for your lost hours in the cold winter period. But out of these, (say) tenth of thousands of people how many will actually leave a definite print in your memory? Well, not that many I give you that.
Then if you filter even more, you can segregate the people that would change your life in a positive manner from the rest. There are very few of these people. There is no need for me to carry on filtering. I don’t think there is a need to restrict in any way that short list. I look at it and it’s a beautiful short list.
There are so many pictures attached to the list, there are beautiful emotions too. And Bill you are on that short list. Not that it is a privilege that grant you access to some VIP lounge or anything of that nature. It just means that Bill is close to our hearts. I lived (so far) a life of commitments to things I don’t really like. I sometimes didn’t even know why I was committed to those things. I guess each of us follows a different path blah blah blah… But we met you and your determination to live the life you picture. Maybe it’s not always been the case and maybe you’ve stumbled a few times along the way, but at least we understood that passion in what you do leads to a form of success. I like that a lot. This is putting a different perspective on our lives.
I am sure that you will reach whatever you are aiming to, simply because there would not be any justice on this planet if you didn’t.
We will be happy to assist you in anyway you like in your pursuing your project in France. And if by luck one day you decide (you and your wife) to fly to France, there will be us waiting for you at the airport. Oh yeah.
Peace, Love and Soul,
Damien & Magali