Barry & Salwa :: Whitby, Ontario, Canada :: Joshua Tree & California Coast

These folks from Canada rented Nalu Imi from us last winter. They have 7 uploads on YouTube, and I must  say they are very clever videos indeed! I especially like the Block Island Wedding video. Here is their Nalu Imi video, and yes, it snows in Southern California in the winter time!

Hi Bill and Diane,

Great to hear from you - and I've been meaning to send you a link to the video for ages, seriously. I'm glad you went ahead and posted it on your blog. I've attached a few photos of our wonderful little bus for you to post if you like. We can't thank you enough for the memories you've given us by providing us with the most amazing vehicle to take us on our adventures across California - even a wicked snow storm didn't stop us from having one of the best Christmases yet. 

Thank you for your well wishes and many happy returns to you. You guys have a lot of fans up here in Canada - maybe we'll have to convince them to come on a convoy with us!