The Berry Family :: Illinois

Hi Bill,

I can't thank you enough for going above and BEYOND with all your help with our trip. I still am in shock about you driving my beloved iPhone to Anaheim for me. 

Mom had a wonderful 60th birthday. We got to see so many sites around San Diego in one of the coolest rides! Callan still talks about Rell Sun, someone asked me if that was a person. I had to answer yes & no. For Callan Rell Sun will just always be "our" VDub. This trip was a long time coming and was not as planned but it was awesome. Rell had no problems, drove and drove for us. Highway 101 in a VW Bus - what more can you ask for? We'll have amazing memories for a lifetime. 

I attached some pictures of us with Rell. One of my favorites is the one where Callan could not stay awake anymore - too much vacation! Callan is working on some artwork for you. We'll get it into the mail for you shortly. 

Thanks again!
The Berry Family - Deb, Jason, Sara, Mary & Callan