Christmas Camping in Southern California :: Joshua Tree, Salvation Mountain, Salton Sea Hot Springs, Death Valley

A picture review of Gina, Jay and the kids' Christmas in the deserts of Southern California!
First night and second nights in Joshua Tree.

 A night in Salton Sea Hot Springs and Salvation Mountain the next day.

 A van meet-up! The folks in the green van were Jacques and his daughter from Paris, France.
The next campground was Mojave Hole in the Wall and the one after that is at a Mojave roadside pull off on Christmas eve/morning - the bobcat was from the Sony Bono wildlife refuge at Salton Sea  and if you look closely, you can see those little red stars adorning the baby Joshua Tree in our Christmas morning photo.  oh - the one with us eating the box of candy is in Mojave hole in the wall.
 Back at Mojave at sunrise... all but Jay were asleep.
 Scorpion found at Tecopa
 Death Valley

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Thanks for sharing your story with us Gina, Jay and kids!