We miss Albie!

Hi Bill!

It's already one month ago that we left California and we really miss it! We miss the beautiful weather, the coast and especially the Californian people! And of course we miss Albie!

We hope you are all doing great, are you still so very busy? Or has the time arrive that you can spend some days at the beach yourself?

Do give our greetings to everyone!

In Holland it's raining all the time, but Yuri's going to work in Monaco for a few weeks and the weather will be probably better out there. Sammie and Diede are busy doing their school at the moment, and they hope they can return to California as soon as they pass their exam (in 3 years)...


Edith, Yuri, Sammie and Diede
 Traveling the Cali coast in Albie.
 Yuri wins surf competition at San Onofre's Big Wednesday!
New friends made at Big Wednesday :)