RV's aren't just for Grandad

"Recreational vehicles used to be as fashionable as sandals and socks. That's all changed, as millennials find their inner nomads - Instagram feeds such as van.crush (117,000 followers) or vanlifers (245,000 followers) give a sense of the cool factor. Retro campervan rentals, via companies such as Vintage Safari Wagons, will ride the revival next year, as nostalgic travelers don't necessarily want to drop thousands on a rig they'll use only a few times a year..."

First Comment: Stoked to see an article mentioning little old us in an American Airlines publication!

Second Comment: Tsk, tsk, the spelling of our name is incorrect, it's SURFARI, you didn't do your homework did you?

Third Comment: We've been riding the revival wave for 13 years now, and hopefully it will continue far on into the future. We kinda think so... VW's simply ARE nostalgic... Inherently iconic, the quintessential California road machine, there's nothing that compares.

Fourth Comment: For those of you that don't know (that would include the writer of this American Airlines article), we, at Vintage SURFARI Wagons, ALSO turn VW interiors into 'high-end interiors' and 'camping beasts'. Amen.