Essential Travel Gear :: Camping Catalog

This extremely hip n' happening catalog, ahem, catalogue... hails from the UK and is the graphic creation of Neil Singleton. Neil's company is called We Are Soup and they created this catalog for Just Kampers. The photos of the sage green VW (not really sage if you ask me, but I guess that's the official VW color tag) are taken by Kim of Silverbox Photographers. Kim snapped these quintessential California coastal scenes while on vacation, errr... holiday, with her family. And yes, she rented this retro 70's guacamole green Volkswagen camper bus from us, the crew at Vintage Surfari Wagons!

You can order a copy of the catalog (for free) for yourself from the folks at Just Kampers. While you're there be sure to check out all the nifty goodies they offer to complete your camping experience.
P.S. Love, love, love the catalog Neil!

Eddie, Leading Man in Music Video

The Covinas, an L.A. indie-pop band, shot this video in late 2009. Their video features "Eddie", our '79 Mexi Beige Westie. We've had quite a few rental requests for photo shoots, promo tours, props, weddings and now a music video... oh, and one commercial shot at Zuma Beach for Verizon. Recently we were turned down for a photo shoot when it was discovered our buses weren't gritty enough!

Nalu returns home after a 14,000 mile, 55 day journey...

Our white hard top VW was wrapped in graphics by Spin Imaging before embarking on a journey that totaled 14,000 miles, and 55 days. Merchandise was given away by the 2 young men traveling in what was now the Cosmic Egg, our Nalu Imi (Wave Seeker). The VW moved about the U.S.A. as it followed various performers at a host of locations, all in an effort to promote Wolfmother's new album, Cosmic Egg.

Who is Wolfmother you ask? I had no idea until I asked my best friend's 18 year old son if he knew who Wolfmother was... all I can tell you was that his reaction was extreme. You can look them up on the web - the equivalent of Deep Purple and the '70's (my opinion only and I'm way out of the loop here) - hey that's the same era that Nalu hails from!