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Essential Travel Gear :: Camping Catalog

This extremely hip n' happening catalog, ahem, catalogue... hails from the UK and is the graphic creation of Neil Singleton. Neil's company is called We Are Soup and they created this catalog for Just Kampers. The photos of the sage green VW (not really sage if you ask me, but I guess that's the official VW color tag) are taken by Kim of Silverbox Photographers. Kim snapped these quintessential California coastal scenes while on vacation, errr... holiday, with her family. And yes, she rented this retro 70's guacamole green Volkswagen camper bus from us, the crew at Vintage Surfari Wagons!

You can order a copy of the catalog (for free) for yourself from the folks at Just Kampers. While you're there be sure to check out all the nifty goodies they offer to complete your camping experience.
P.S. Love, love, love the catalog Neil!

Artist Ken Mitchell designs and custom paints murals on VW buses :)

Ken says...

Wow, here are a bunch of pics of the progress and final shots of the five vw buses I have hand painted to date. They are in order of completion... the first was my 71 Westy "Turtlebus" followed by my 87 westy "Alice." Then, I painted Aswah and Lisa's 89 Westy "Kaya" up in PEI, Canada. Then in florida, I painted Lisa's two buses a 74 westy "Joise" and a 79 westy "Indra"! I have three others on the way, a 66 splitty in Connecticut thats getting a surfing inspired mural, Aswah and Lisa's Kaya bus is getting sanded down and painted with a new mural to reflect their new home in NorCal and Diane From Vintage Surfari is looking to get something on one of their rental buses also out in CA! Keep tuned in!
A plan has been hatched for Ken to travel to the left coast and paint one of our buses at Vintage Surfari Wagons. If anyone else has an interest in having Ken custom paint a bus please contact us so that we can co-ordinate a 'two birds with one stone' visit for Ken. Here is a photo gallery of Ken's work.